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4 Tips for Creating Your Own Art Business

BY Rachel | 20 August, 2015 | no comments

Everyone dreams of a lifelong career in pursuit of their passion, but how many can make this a reality? Are you overwhelmed with the great undertaking that is creating an art business? Feeling like you will never be able to accomplish your dreams? If so, you may need a better understanding of what it takes to be successful in art. Included here are a few ways to become a productive artist and an efficient businessman.

Find Your Niche

One of the easiest steps in creating a successful art business is finding your niche or specialty. In any business there will be many people doing much the same thing; however, the key is in specializing and making what you do the best available. Don’t try to be appealing to all audiences, but rather make yourself and your creations irresistible to one audience.


Park West Gallery’s owner, Albert Scaglione, managed to create a thriving business based in the arts when he discovered his passion for bringing authentic art to the masses. Originally intent on becoming a professor, he dropped out of college and opened an art gallery. His enthusiasm for art created a thriving business that is said to be one of the largest art dealers in the world.

Get to Know the Business End

One of the greatest struggles for artists trying to succeed in the business world is the difficulty of handling the behind the scenes necessities. Knowing the basic principles of business will allow you to turn a profit and create growth. This does not mean you need to go back to school and get a Master’s in Business before you start your art venture; rather, you should read up on the basics of business and take introductory classes. Don’t be afraid to interview professionals who have already broken out in the industry.

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Network, Network, Network

Few things can give you exposure to clientele and supporters more than networking properly. Find professionals with whom you can create, commiserate and celebrate. A network will allow everyone greater exposure in the industry as well as a support system. You will, no doubt, make mistakes during your endeavor, the critical part is that you have support during them and that you learn from them.

Learn to Brand Yourself

Name recognition is crucial for success in the art business. While marketing is often a great key for gaining exposure, it is even more important that you create brand and name recognition. Utilize social media as a way to create enthusiasm for yourself and your brand. Social media is a cheap way to gain recognition and exposure and, when done properly, is guaranteed to generate more clientele.