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5 Smart Financial Investments

BY Rachel | 10 November, 2016 | no comments

Perhaps you’ve just sold your first house or gotten a large settlement in a court case.  Maybe you’ve just learned that your great great grandfather who you never knew was a bazillionaire and you are the only living heir.  Whatever your situation may be for coming into a large amount of money, it’s prudent to put a large amount of it aside for an investment.

Investments involve putting money into something today, that will yield larger return later.  They come in a variety of forms.  From stocks and bonds to properties.

Follow these investment recommendations and make the most profits you can.

Real Estate

Depending on the location of where you buy real estate your property value could grow as much as triple it’s original value in under 5 years. If you buy multiple properties in a fortuitous location, your investment return could be in the millions.

When choosing a real estate location opt for somewhere with consistent economic growth and a large housing market.  This way you ensure success for a return on your investment.

Consider investing in a business office space in a high demand area.  Often you can make back the cost of the purchase in 2 years if it is a competitive area.

Start a High-Interest Savings Account

This is one of the most hands off and simplest forms of an investment.  Do some market research to find a savings account with the highest amount of return interest.  

If you invest a high enough amount into a savings account with a high interest rate, you could be making thousands by just letting it sit there.    

Invest in a Business

Consider starting a business of your own in an industry that you enjoy, or know enough about in order to know the right people to outsource it to.  

If you don’t want the responsibility of being a business owner, but like the idea of owning shares, consider a peer to peer investment.  Peer to peer loans cut out the bank and can make business opportunities even more interesting.  

There are several websites that offer a communication platform between lenders and borrowers, offering low interest rates and low-risk investments. It’s a great way to get involved in a successful business from the ground up.  

Invest in Stock

Financial journalist Andrew Tobias says, “Unlike bonds, stocks offer at least the potential of keeping up with inflation. Over the long run — and it may be a very long run — stocks will outperform ‘safer’ investments”  

Consider investing in several stocks over the course of several years rather than throwing all your money into one pot at once.  This way you risk losing it all. Since stocks, much like gambling, can yield enormous reward, yet potentially treacherous risks.


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