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About Us

It’s not about the money, money, money- well, actually, it really is.

My name is Rachel Disney, not at all related to the great Walt, regardless of how much my daughter wishes so. She does wish so very much, and while I certainly do not have enough money to put up theme parks and produce movies , I do know a thing or two about to handle it- the money, not the theme parks. I sometimes dream about writing a screenplay, however.




By day I am a financial advisor, and by night I am still a financial advisor. This is because knowing how to handle money is not something that you just do on the job. At 33, I’ve experienced the punches that life and society in general can throw at you, and they are not at all pleasant. It’s a level playing field- students worrying about their loans, workers across all collars drowning in debt, families that only have exactly enough to keep going- money is the epitome of a double edged sword.


I have been working as such for 6 years now, working in a bank for 2 years before that, both jobs based in Glasgow. I’ve probably seen most of the worst, and have experienced a lot of it myself. Let’s face it- times are getting hard, and getting ahead is the only way to get anywhere.


I usually write about helping people with their finances, general money issues and how to save money- three things that I am very, very good at, and enjoy helping others get good at it too.


I decided to start writing shortly after I left the bank and started my job as a financial advisor. At first I wrote as I would a journal- only I wrote about the experiences of others instead of myself, and I hardly ever published anything. I did write about bits and pieces of my day, but the chunk of the matters were always focused on my clients. I was reading through those entries over and over and then running possible solutions through my head- then I wrote those solutions down.


The rest, as I would dramatically say in my future screenplay, is history.


Whether you are my client in person or online, it’s my job to make your problem my problem, and I like making my problems go away. I have been through exactly what most of what my own client have been through, and I help them get out of the worst of it the same way I did when I was in similar situations. I keep myself updated on how the market ebbs and flows and how we, as a team, can take advantage of it.


Aside from making problems go away, I spend my free time on two wheels. Down hills and up mountains, through valleys and highways alike. I find that this freedom and alone time helps me think of what I can write about for my screenplay. Fortunately, even if that flops, I won’t be worrying about the price tag.