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Advice Apps

BY Rachel | 14 March, 2016 | no comments

Sometimes I wonder, what with all the apps currently available on your iPhones or iPads whether there is a need for a financial advisor at all. On some of the apps you just need to punch in the necessary figures and the application will come up with a solution to your problem. Of course I am kidding! There’s no way that an app can give you the personalised attention that a human financial advisor can give you.

Mind you, some of those iOS developers are pretty clever. So it’s quite probable that they may eventually create an app that can guide you along the rocky road of what to do with your money. To be honest there are a number of apps that I already use to help me with my business. The usual ones I have, such as holding your files in a cloud, being able to jot some notes and the usual office type of functions that you can carry with you as well as have them on your home PC.

If I am tracking the share market for any of my clients, I use an app called Quotestream which enables me to follow around 50 stocks that I might be holding for clients. If you’re wanting something similar I would suggest you visit developerstars and see if they can provide you with something similar. Another really clever one is called Retire Logix and this one allows me to show a client just how far their savings will go in retirement.

A really useful app is Time Trade. By using this there are no more back-and-forth telephone calls between myself and my clients to set up a convenient appointment time. They have access to my schedule and can allocate themselves a time that is suitable for them. In fact, this particular app is pretty good for any busy businessperson. The thing is, if you have a good idea you can go and visit an app development company and they will give you the best app development cost to put your idea into real life use.

As a financial advisor I spend a lot of time away from the office travelling around and I need to be able to keep on top of all the latest financial news and stock market movements. There are virtually unlimited resources available to financial advisers in the way of apps. The main thing to keep in mind is that it’s your job when you’re dealing with other people’s money is to make sure that the information you are providing is the best available. I have a couple of colleagues who use Bloomberg Mobile which provides them with up-to-the-minute market news. Every financial advisor uses their own individual methods to provide information to their clients, so the development of your own app is probably going to make a lot of sense.