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Are you overtrading, it’s time to avoid it

BY Rachel | 20 July, 2018 | no comments

Innumerable articles have been written on the topic- Overtrading. Actually, it is no wonder why there had been a lot of articles based on this topic. If you look at the ones who enter the market they have no self-control to limit trading. They look at trading as if it is meant to make money. Well, CFD market can be simple and flexible but it should be traded with the limit. The traders in the United Kingdom have the self-control if not they wouldn’t have been successful by now. If a trader overtrades, he cannot be successful. Overtrading has a lot of issues. You may have to control the pressure that is being created. You have to protect the hard-earned money. You may have to keep going no matter what. Actually, when it comes to trading you would learn a lot of things and one of it is the self-discipline. It is important to have self- discipline as a trader and a human being. If you want to become a good trade you should focus on the ways to control overtrading. It is impossible to reach the success without overcoming the habit of overtrading.  If you read a few articles based on this factor, you would be able to get a better understanding! However, we have covered a few things here, so keep reading!

You must focus on high-quality trade execution to protect your investment. Some of you might be using the indicators or EAs but this is not how the professional trader’s trade. They always use manual trading strategy to find the best trade setups at the key levels. Try to explore the details of this market and eliminate the noise through multiple time frame analysis. Always keep things simple when it comes to retail trading business.

It is the psychological aspect

You should be cognizant that overtrading is a psychological thing. Actually, when something is psychological you cannot control it unless you itself think about it.  You should think about it if you want to do it. So, even if it is CFD trading you must focus on the way that you should trade. You should think of the time you should allocate for trading. You should know to limit where you should. Don’t try to exceed as it will impact your account heavily. You wouldn’t be able to protect the account if you become an addict. So, basically, overtrading can be controlled by your thoughts. You should force yourself to think that overtrading is dangerous. You should make your mind to accept the fact that it can hurt your trading account heavily. Of course, you would want to make money, everyone wants to. But overtrading is not the solution. Through overtrading, you will lose money than gaining it. So, call to mind, it is all your thoughts. Learn to control it if you want to control overtrading.

Set a limit for the day

If you are trading without a limit and if you have no idea how to stop it. You should think about the way to set a limit for the day. If you set a limit for the day you would be able to limit your losses as well as overtrading. You should establish a certain target and then, work hard to achieve it. Once you achieve the target don’t try to trade more and more! If you do so, you wouldn’t be able to control the habit of overtrading.

Don’t trade for too long

Actually, most traders have the habit of overtrading because they trade the entire day. It is not healthy as well as it is not recommended. If you look at the successful traders they wouldn’t have traded the whole day because they know it would lead to severe issues. If you want to reach the level of the successful traders, you must focus on trading for some time, not the entire day!


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