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How To Create The Perfect Working Environment

BY Rachel | 3 March, 2015 | no comments

We all know that the space we work in has a huge effect on our productivity. When we work in positive, light and happy spaces our minds are attentive and functional. In contrast, working in grey, lifeless offices with harsh lighting is proven to worsen morale and output. It goes without saying that you should do everything in your power to spruce up the working environment! After all, you spend eight hours a day there (at least). That’s 40 hours a week. Over 2000 hours every year at our desks! Okay, we’ll stop now.

But, you get the point. Each one of those 2000 hours should be as productive as possible. Some of the best companies on the planet understand this and have taken drastic measures. Google’s offices have climbing walls, luxury restaurants and strange designs on site. We’re not suggesting you take things this far. However, there are some things you can do with relative ease. Here are some of our favourite ideas.



Get the location right

The happiness of your employees (and you!) starts with their commute. Try to make sure that your office complex is situated near major public transport links. It helps if workers can easily make it into town for meetings with clients and other businesses too. Take your time and speak to estate agents like Canning O’ Neill to find the best locations. One thing we’ve found really perks our employees up is how close the coffee shop and delis are! It’s a simple thing, but sometimes a good coffee can brighten up the day.

Personalise workspace

No employee wants to feel like an insignificant cog in a corporate machine. Let them personalise their own space and desk area. If they like it messy, let them work in the mess! Empowering your workers to take control of their space boosts morale and productivity. People work better when they’re comfortable in their environment. As an employer, it’s your job to facilitate this.

The right temperature

The workspace temperature can significantly influence a person’s productivity. If the office space do not have a proper functioning cooling or heating system, the employees are bound to get distracted and uncomfortable. Having the AC serviced, and running is essential for employee satisfaction. If you are planning to change your AC, do get it sourced from reliable suppliers like HVAC Warehouse.

Inject some fun into the office

We know that people use the office space to work. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun too. As humans, we work better in short bursts with regular breaks. We need to recharge and refuel. A comfy lounge or kitchen area is a good start. You could go one step further by introducing a pool table or foosball table. Your workers will blow off some steam and recharge their minds. They may even bounce ideas off each other and come up with new concepts.

Colour and light

Sometimes, it’s as simple as getting the lighting right. I’m sure we’ve all worked in one of those grey offices with harsh striplights before. You know the ones we mean. They seem to suck the soul and passion from ever project! Make the most of natural light. It’s scientifically proven to make us feel more comfortable and productive.

Creating the perfect working environment needn’t break the bank. A few small changes and a little freedom will make the workplace that little bit more comfortable. Your workers will relax and produce their best work. Trust us!