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Effective Banner Design: 5 Golden Rules

BY Rachel | 20 March, 2017 | no comments

A banner is an effective publicity tool that can be created with a small budget, and minimal design experience. But not all banners are successful. While you do not have to be a design expert, you do need to understand how banners are effective and the rules for creating a standout banner. Find out the key elements you need to include in your successful banner.


  1. Bright Colours

Effective pvc banners are bright and colourful. Use colours that stand out. Make sure that pull up banners are fresh and vibrant. Consider how colours work together, too, to create a positive effect. You want to use colours that contrast rather than blend into each other. Experienced printing companies will be able to advise you on the colours that work for banners.

  1. Bold, Large Text

Whether you are designing vinyl banners, pull up banners, or pop up banners, the text you display on the banners must be carefully considered. Make the text bold and highly readable. Don’t try to fit too much onto a banner. Remember that smaller text will not be read if it is too much smaller than the main text.

  1. Simple, Effective Copy

Work out what you want to say, and work out how you can say it in as few words as possible. The best banner printing is when you have a powerful, short message that ably transfers what you want to say to a wider audience. You really do need to get to the point. Cut out all words that are unnecessary – you will find that most words are unnecessary in a banner if you are being really honest.

  1. Adequate Information

While it is important to be concise, you do still need to include all the detail that you need to tell people what you are, and how they can get involved. There is no point in a banner if no one knows what it is for. Just include the information that is essential. And make sure that you include a call to action that gives people the chance to act on what they see in the banner.

  1. High Quality Images

Effective images make all the difference to the success of your banner. Choose the best images you can, and make sure that they are relevant to your message and your brand. You can also choose graphics to display what you need to advertise, and these act as the main focal point in a successful banner.

Image: Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/