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Happy ever after? Credit check your partner

BY Rachel | 25 November, 2015 | no comments

If you’re not sure whether romance will last, give your partner a credit check.

That is the advice of economists in the US who have discovered that the higher your credit score, the higher your chances of a lasting relationship.

The credit ratings of couples living together were studied by a team from the US Federal Reserve Board, who found that those with high credit scores stayed together longer.

They also found that people tended to form relationships with people who have similar credit ratings to their own.

Jane Dokko, Geng Li and Jessica Hayes tracked the relationships and credit scores. “In light of the growing prominence of credit scores in households’ economic and financial opportunities, we are interested in their role in household formation and dissolution,” they wrote in their paper, Credit Scores and Committed Relationships, published by the Brookings Institution.

A recent Citigroup survey found that 78 per cent of people would rather have a financially savvy partner than a physically attractive one.