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This Is Why You Need A Content Strategy

BY Rachel | 12 February, 2015 | no comments

Content is everywhere on the internet. Whether it’s videos, articles, news reports or photos, our web experience is full of it. When there is simply so much content, do you really need to be creating more? The simple answer is yes. Although the content market is saturated, there are huge benefits to a content strategy. If you don’t have one yet, it’s time to build one. Today we’ll take you through the five key reasons you need a content strategy.


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Content helps you tell your story and build your brand identity. In the world of faceless internet giants and corporations, people gravitate towards honesty. They feel comfortable when there’s a story and a personal experience behind the company. Content is one great way to do that. Use a blog or a video to explain your journey. Why is the company so important to you? Why does this product matter? Use content to make an emotional connection with customers and strengthen your brand.

Content allows you to target very specific audiences. As an online business, it is crucial that you start by targeting a niche community. That way you will build a reputation and a strong, concentrated core of customers and users. From there you can build outwards. Use your content to reach that specific audience. Create articles or videos that are useful, insightful or entertaining to that niche. Once you have that content, find the audience through online marketing and targeted adverts.

Content builds loyalty and establishes you as an expert. With plenty of competitors and rivals out there, you need to earn the trust of your customers. Use your content to offer advice and expertise. Use content to show off your skills, solve problems and teach people. Give away one or two secrets. People will remember this knowledge and come back to you for the bigger problems. It will also position you as an expert. This perception is vital in the customer relationship.

A good web of content will help your search engine ranking. Content is the core part of your service that others will visit, share and link to. High traffic and lots of links to your site are essential to a good rank. SEO companies like Nitch Marketing put content at the heart of their strategies for this reason. Content also helps build keywords and relevancy to your industry. Search engine algorithms recognise this and will rank you higher as a result.

The holy grail of good content is the ability to change public opinion. If you can use your content to alter public behaviour, you have a powerful skill. The ability to do this means you can convince customers that they need your service or product. It can move the public away from one way of thinking, to your way of thinking. You’ll need a big audience and great content to do this.

Despite the sheer volume of content out there, your content strategy is essential. It will help you target and extend your audience. You’ll strengthen your community and solidify your search engine rank. Most importantly, you can alter the way consumers think. Try it for yourself.