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BY Rachel | 5 November, 2015 | no comments

ATTENTION all single people! Here is a question for you – how much have you saved up? Let’s be honest, some folks think that saving money should start when they have a family and that single people should ‘live the life!’ Most of the time that would mean buying a lot of expensive material stuff like the latest gadget, designer clothes and a lot more. Please don’t get me wrong, buying stuff is great, but single people should also start saving for their future. When should you start? Saving some cash should begin once you start receiving a paycheck!

Imagine owning your own house and car while you are still single. Nice dream, right? Well, it can come true! Here are three simple saving tips to get you started.

  1. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it! Year 2016 is coming up real fast and we are pretty sure companies making gadgets (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) are ready to sell their latest invention. Before you start imagining holding the latest phone, ask yourself ‘Do I REALLY need it?’ Most often than not the answer is ‘No’. Don’t believe advertisements saying you will only enjoy life if you have the latest this or that! Have self-control and save that extra money!
  1. If you don’t need it, sell it! If you have some stuff that’s just gathering dust or you haven’t used an item in months then it is time to get rid of them. Look for a reliable website that can sell the items for you. Selling unused goods will give you two things: space and extra cash! This weekend why not go over all your closets and start looking for things you can sell. Don’t be a hoarder. Be a wise seller and saver instead!
  1. Don’t go with the flow! Your best friend is into body building and he has a lifetime gym membership, but that doesn’t mean you need one too. Sometimes, single people feel that they need to join a club because their friends are members. Well, stop doing that! It is a mistake to think that you save a lot of money by getting a lifetime membership. Why? What if you don’t really use it? Is that saving too? Think twice before signing up for any kind of membership. If you are signing up because a buddy signed up, there is a big possibility you won’t really use it and you just wasted your money.
  1. Avail of discounts when possible! Discounts are not just for married couples. Why do you think platforms like Price exist even? They are there to provide you with all the discounts and cashback vouchers that you can make use of while shopping. So, next time when you plan to do online shopping, don’t be shy to use any offers that come your way. Just surf the internet for websites offering big discounts and start clicking. One such website is Voucher Code Gator. Enjoy a lot of discount codes or voucher codes for different items. They offer big savings in fashion, gadgets, travel, gifts and a lot more!

Life is always beautiful, more so when you are financially stable while still single. Don’t start your saving scheme when you have a family to take care of. Start now and maybe, just maybe, you can retire before you turn forty!