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Six Things That People Find Irritating About Your Website

BY Rachel | 12 March, 2015 | no comments

Ever wonder how your website comes across to new visitors? Statistics show that people make an instant judgment about your site within eight seconds. Within that short time, they learn everything they need to know about you and your company. You’ve got to make that time count! We’ve gathered together a list of the six things that new users find irritating on websites. If your site has any of these features, it’s time to make a change!


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  1. It takes forever to load

A web page needs to load within a couple of second or your visitor will disappear. Modern expectations demands an instantaneous load time. People are hunting for quick answers or information. They will look elsewhere if your site can’t perform. Studies show that users will wait a little longer if it’s a website they know and trust. But, for startups, you’ve got to be quick. Speak to your web developer about speeding your load time up.

  1. Pop ups

Since the dawn of the internet, pop ups have been the bane of our lives! At first, they indicated viruses or problems. We knew instantly to avoid them. Nowadays, marketers are using them to lure people into signup forms or social media. This is a really bad plan, especially for new users. People need to understand your service before signing up. Sure you can lure them into a conversion. Just don’t flash up a ‘follow me!’ pop up as soon as they arrive.

  1. Auto playing media

There is nothing worse than sound playing and not being able to find the source! Having a website that automatically starts playing music or welcome videos are irritating. The first thing a user does is search for the source and switch it off. Instead, lead them to that content with intrigue and calls to action. Let them make the decision. You can’t force a conversion.

  1. They can’t figure out how to contact you

It’s really important that you show a human face. Often, customers will need to get in touch about your product or service. Make sure this is simple and easy. Provide a real email address for customer service and questions. People hate those ‘contact us’ forms. We just don’t trust them!

  1. The site doesn’t work on their phone

Your site absolutely must have a responsive design. It must appear and function perfectly on mobile devices. Millions of people use smartphones to access the web. If your website doesn’t perform here, you’ll lose big numbers.

  1. Long and confusing sign up or purchase process

Once you’ve done the hard work of convincing customers, make the final process easy. The purchasing process needs to be as quick and easy as possible. Use a UK address finder to help speed up the process of filling out information forms. Get rid of the long process and make it fast!

Is your website guilty of one of these 6 deadly website sins? If so, think about taking steps to avoid them. There is always a more user friendly alternative when you look for it. Time to stop irritating customers and start pleasing them!