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The Secrets to Creating the Best Exhibition Banner for Your Needs

BY Rachel | 18 April, 2017 | no comments

When it comes to promoting your wares as a business, there are many different marketing strategies of which you can take advantage. But whilst you can always advertise in your local newspaper, on the Internet, or even on television, there’s nothing quite like entering exhibitions and trade shows to get your business noticed.

After all, your target audience is already in those exhibitions and trade shows. Perhaps, this information is the reason why most of the successful companies can be seen creating a seamless tradeshow or exhibition using an event management software application (that is known to help in hosting any event without any hassle).

However, when opting for an exhibition or trade show, you need to take care of you few things like your banner. Roll up banners and pop up banners are perfect for your purpose, but you have to make sure they are designed well. Here are the secrets to creating the best exhibition banner for your needs.

Know what it’s for

Before you design your exhibition or pop up banner, you first need to determine your objectives. Why are you joining the exhibit in the first place? Is it to promote a new shop, a new product, or simply let customers know that you exist? Is it for an upcoming sale or offer? Whilst thinking of your goals and objectives, don’t forget to incorporate your brand’s image – or the image you would like to project – as well as what you stand for. Make sure that your design is a good reflection of what you are as a company, whether you are a tech firm, a traditional firm, a creative firm, and so on. If necessary, you could also reach out to reputed professionals in your area (see this site as an example) who can help you create the right display for your exhibition.

Know your target audience

Whilst the exhibition or trade show you are planning to join is probably packed with people who are already in your target market, it still pays to make sure that you are catering to exactly what they need. What do you think your target audience wants to see? Do they want to see reliability and dependability, creativity, a strong front, a caring front, or an established brand? Once you determine this, you can’t go wrong.

Maximise your space

When you are building your exhibition or roll up banner, it’s a good idea to make as much use of the available space as you can. Remember, you will be surrounded by competition, and you would want your exhibition or pull up banner to stand out. Maximise your space when you can – the bigger the banner is, the better, as long as it is allowed. A higher banner can work wonders for your advertising strategy, as you are literally ‘above the crowd.’ You can capitalise on it even more by creating an arch for your display stand or area or coming up with an eye-catching, boldly coloured display.

Don’t forget the text and graphics

Of course, your banner needs the right text and graphics as well. Be clear and bold in your message. Keep it simple, and don’t let your audience get lost in words. The fonts you choose should be large enough to be seen from far away, as exhibition banner printing specialists confirm.

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