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What Is The Primary Function Of Finance Companies?

BY Rachel | 31 October, 2018 | no comments

It is fairly easy to speculate the functions of finance companies given their name. These organizations lend money to businesses and other individuals to fulfill a variety of needs. They cannot be recognized as banks because they do not take deposits from the public. This distinctive feature also saves them from strict banking regulations over their operations. Thus, any individual or an association can avail commercial finance following the rules laid out by a finance company. 

Another aspect of being flexible over rules is a quick response to changes in interest rates. In this manner, they offer better deals in comparison to banks in almost all the situations. Normally, they consider borrower’s assets as a security over the value of their loans. In order to finance projects, these companies obtain their funds from parent companies or bigger lenders.

Here is the list of loans forwarded by such organizations.

Personal loans

Finance companies are most popular for lending personal or individual loans. People who are not able to get a green signal from banks go straight towards such organizations. These loans are usually unproductive in nature and bear higher interest rates. They could be used for financing a vacation, a financial emergency and sometimes even to fulfill shortcomings in servicing other loans like mortgages and debt consolidation.

Business loans

Such loans are given to businesses for use on enterprise level on pledged assets. More than often these are smaller businesses that are witnessing a sprout in growth but are low on cash and have assets to pledge as collateral. Finance companies are willing to consider assets like inventory and equipment or accounts receivable.

Most often, small-sized businesses need instant cash flow for buying assets like property or equipment, for settling a bond payout, or for initiating a supply purchase. Finance companies prefer these loans as they are bigger in size and provide better profits in terms of interest.

Capital Financing

The function includes a financing company, a parent company, and buyers. This service comes handy when buyers do not have an ample amount of money to purchase goods and services from a particular company. In this scenario, a finance company provides them with money, but that amount can only be used to buy products from its parent company. Thus, the parent company provides money to buy its own products and benefits from the decrease in inventory and also from the interest the loan will generate.

Finance companies bridge the gap between traditional bank based lending and consumer demand. It helps in providing a larger customer base access to their dream homes, cars and even help them in establishing and running their businesses. Most finance companies take funding from resources other than public deposits.

These companies often have better technological backup compared to banks and work more quickly. While a bank can take days to process your loan applications, a finance company may sometimes provide loans within a couple of days, provided you have submitted all the necessary documents. They may also relax rules related to credit scores if they find you a suitable candidate.


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