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What sells at auction?

BY Rachel | 1 August, 2018 | no comments

Many people enjoy the thrill of an auction. For buyers, an auction offers the chance to snap up opportunities. For sellers, an auction is a fantastic chance to turn assets into profit.

So if you’re thinking of selling at auction, it’s important that you consider what you have that might sell best. Although it’s true that the beauty of the auction experience is that anything and everything has its place on the selling market, it’s also true that there are some items which are likely to receive increased interest.

This is especially true if you know what might help them sell faster and for a better price. Let’s take a look at just some of the items which tend to perform well at auction.

Antiques and collectables

The items which probably spring to mind when you think of a typical auction are older collectables, especially if you don’t usually attend auctions. Antiques are an auction staple, and for good reason. Collectables such as furniture, jewellery, branded china, porcelain, crystal and dolls tend to do very well at auction.

This is especially true if the items are in reasonably good condition and are presented with any original packaging. It’s also beneficial to obtain a history of the item and any certificates of authentication.

Sports equipment

More recently, sports equipment has become a popular item to sell at auction. This includes outdoor items like bikes, or larger pieces of equipment like cross trainers which can be difficult to sell by other methods. More specialist sport equipment like golf clubs and diving equipment also sell well, and any manuals, booklets, guarantees or receipts can get you a better price.


Smartphones, cameras, games consoles, DVD players and kitchen gadgets all do well at auction, particularly online methods such as eBay. Including accessories like original packaging manuals, booklets and cables can help you sell faster.

Ornaments and furniture

Larger items like furniture can also be sold at auction, so if you have any unwanted sofas, chairs, tables or beds which you no longer need, an auction can be a good way to sell. Providing as much information as possible for potential sellers will ensure you get a fair price for what you’re selling. Let them know the brand, the condition and how long you’ve had the item.

Musical instruments

Like furniture and larger sports equipment, musical instruments can be hard to sell in a more traditional way, so an auction is a great place to shift them. Pianos, keyboards, guitars, cellos and brass instruments all tend to do well, especially if they are in good condition.


That’s right, even large scale transactions such as property can be completed at auction. Property auctions are more popular than you might think, and can be a great place for sellers to receive a quick turnaround on a property they are trying to shift.

Similarly, if you’re looking to buy property then an auction can be a great place to look. This is where you’ll find properties which aren’t on the traditional housing market, opening you up to new opportunities. You can also obtain auction finance to help you make that key investment. Look to trusted lenders like Glenhawk for more information on this kind of finance.


Of course, jewellery always sells well at auction, whether it’s necklaces, rings, bracelets or watches. Items will sell particularly well include leading brands like Rolex, Chanel and Tag Heuer, as well as items which are as old and unique as possible.


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