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X alternative investments every investor should know about

BY Rachel | 11 March, 2018 | no comments

Investing only seems like a pretty straightforward way to make money. It’s immensely complicated in its details but there’s a feeling there are only a few investments any businessperson can make – mostly stocks, mutual investment funds and possibly real estate.

It’s a mistake to think about investing in such narrow terms. There are numerous alternative investments that you should consider that are less popular but could still prove to be rather lucrative if you play your cards right.

 Rare art

Investing in fine rare art isn’t always seen as investment but more as a pastime or a personal hobby. It can be that and it can be quite fulfilling to do so for your enjoyment, but it can also become a business project as well. It works like any other investment; you purchase an art piece and wait for the price to rise before selling it.

Obviously, in order to be able to get into this type of investment, you need to know a bit about art or at least about the market for it. Professional advice in this area could be rather helpful.

Vintage coins

There are a lot of collector items out there that can be worth quite a lot. Coins aren’t exactly unknown but they aren’t really popular either. Taking the time to learn about this market and starting your own collection could really pay off in the long-run.

There are two main types of coins to invest in. The first is issued by the governments of the world and they don’t increase in value as time goes by, and the second is actual rare coins that can’t be found anywhere else.

Precious metals

Precious metals may seem like an antiquated way to save and invest money. However, this isn’t the case; it’s actually quite well suited to the needs of a modern market and a modern businessman. There’s a lot of anxiety about the global market lately and its volatility and the solution to this may be to buy precious metals.

The value of gold doesn’t change that dramatically and when it does, it isn’t related to the events in the rest of the market. That makes it a great way to diversify your portfolio.

Angel investing

Angel investing refers to investing in small startups, mostly as a silent partner. Startups usually have a hard time finding the money needed to get off the ground. There are a lot of reasons for this, and competitors are probably the biggest one. That’s where angel investors come in.

These investments aren’t always lucrative because most startups tend to fail sooner or later. However, those that are worth the investment usually grow to be large and successful companies. It’s rather difficult to find your way in this type of investing and it’s best suited to those who are able to take a few losses.